For building conservation or restoration in St Andrews and the surrounding areas speak with Christine J Palmer, Chartered Architect.

Alterations to traditional buildings

Traditional buildings often have a unique charm but can sometimes need work to bring them up to modern standards of living. Contact us now for a free initial consultation and find out what is possible!

Listed buildings and Conservation Areas

Traditional buildings may be listed or located within Conservation Areas reflecting the importance of their special character. However this usually means stricter planning policies and requirements to get planning permission for works that you might not think would need it such as replacing windows or repainting your house. Get in touch for further advice!

Traditional construction methods

Did you know that traditional buildings were built to breathe? This means that inappropriate solutions when refurbishing older properties can do more harm than good. For example, some insulation products can trap water vapour within walls leading to condensation and damp problems. Call us to discuss ways of upgrading your property without causing potential problems down the line.

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